iEvolve Fitness grew from the idea that we all start out simple but as we learn, experience and get exposed to new ideas we develop gradually, changing overtime to form new habits. 

iEvolve Fitness believes that physical health and mental well-being are of paramount importance: how you perceive and think about your fitness journey will ultimately determine your long term success. 

When you're properly informed about nutrition, health and creating a balance in your life, the necessity to evolve becomes clear. We believe that being mentally prepared and confident will make your personal health and fitness journey full of growth, life balance and most of all a rewarding experience. 

By using several approaches to dieting and training specific to your goals, we're able to help you continue to grow and evolve. 

Ocean is a certified personal trainer, online nutrition coach, former Divison-1 athlete and 5x Nationally Qualified NPC Figure Competitor based in Santa Fe, NM. She received her bachelors from Oregon State University. 

Fitness, health and performance have always been a huge part of her life. Ocean values fitness and wellbeing as an investment in becoming the best version of yourself.

Guided by a practical, sustainable and a flexible approach, Ocean helps her clients improve their physical and mental health, expand their knowledge base on nutrition & flexible dieting in order to achieve their goals and develop sustainable habits to live a balanced life.