Have you been considering preparing for a competition? Whether you're a seasoned competitor looking for a more rewarding experience or new to the competition scene, iEvolve Fitness can help!

 The Competition Prep program is designed to teach, educate, mentor and guide you throughout your entire prep. Life balance is extremely important and while a competition prep requires a certain level of physical and mental discipline, we aim to create a program that is designed to help you evolve and be successful not only during your competition prep but in your everyday as well.

First and foremost our program will begin with an honest assessment of your physique based on your desired goal. From this assessment we will formulate a game plan in order to get you to stage in the best condition possible. We will structure your training and nutrition to fit in with your lifestyle and maintain an honest time line for you to step on stage. 

There are no illusions that prepping for a competition will take hard work, sacrifice and commitment on your part. 

Each competition prep program is based on an individuals goals and a realistic timeline to accomplish those. We want you to bring your BEST package to stage and feel extremely confident in the process. 

Contest prep nutrition coaching and recommendations are macronutrient and flexible dieting based to help bring your best package to stage, we want to teach you a sustainable way of living, not just for competing but to be successful for a lifetime. 


Contest prep training and programming is based upon the individual's desired end point and physique goals. Individualized programming is catered to bring up each clients's weaknesses enhance their strengths and overall improve mobility. 

We highly recommend that if you are serious about competing that you give yourself plenty of time. Slow and steady wins the race. Our goal at iEvolve Fitness is to ensure a fun, rewarding and evolutionary competition experience.


  • An evolving personalized and customized nutritional intake based on your goals (adjustments as needed)

  • Specific programming, training and accessory exercises based on your goals, activity levels, and individual ability

  • Physique assessment and structured programming to improve any lagging body parts appropriate to your category

  • Exercise form analysis and film critique to enhance performance

  • Mobility and stretching guidance to bring up any weak points, muscle imbalances, posture and flexibility

  • Cardio prescriptions (duration, frequency, intensity, heart-rate, etc.) that will complement your nutrition and training program if needed.

  • Supplementation recommendations based on individuals goals

  • Guidance on all that you need to know about competing (registration, tanning, hotel, makeup, suit selection)

  • Weekly check-in's to review progress, receive feedback, and adjustments

  • Accountability, unlimited support, and text/email communication with your coach and iEvolve Fitness athletes

  • Private and exclusive access to iEvolve Fitness Facebook group for group support, motivation, recipes, messages and iEvolve Fitness community.