The Competition Prep program is designed to teach, educate, mentor and guide you throughout your entire prep. Life balance is extremely important and while a competition prep requires a certain level of physical and mental discipline, we aim to create a program that is designed to help you evolve and be successful not only during your competition prep but in your everyday as well.


No meal plans, meals times to stick to or foods you don't enjoy. All your food choices are intentionally. Learn to create sustainable behaviors that will allow you to have long term adherence, dietary compliance and be mentally successful. Having a fusion and variety of foods you enjoy creates an environment for you body, mind and taste buds to feel great. 

There can be too much of a good thing. Equally nourish body, mind, and soul! Flexible dieting is not a diet, it's a lifestyle: it gives a sense of freedom towards what foods you eat. Small changes can add up to some BIG results. This is a way of eating that you can sustain for the rest of your life.

Food is just food. It's delicious and meant to be enjoyed.  Instead of forcing yourself to stick to a diet list of "do's and don'ts" to get your goal body, you are able to take a more relaxed, educated and sustainable perspective on your diet. Avoiding nutritional dogmas and labels, flexible dieting allows you to modify your diet based on your personal preferences, lifestyle, schedule and goals.  

By tracking your macronutrient intake and applying principles through flexible dieting you are able to enjoy your favorite foods without feeling deprived or guilty. Nutrition coaching is all about teaching you how to incorporate your favorite foods daily while accomplishing your fitness goals. 

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN and gain access to : 

  • Weekly training log to track your exercises, reps, sets and intensity
  • The convenience of working out on your own schedule
  • Weekly check-in's to review progress, receive feedback, and adjustments
  • Personal communication via weekly video check-in's 
  • Accountability, unlimited support, and text/email communication with your coach and iEvolve Fitness athletes 
  • Private and exclusive access to iEvolve Fitness Facebook group  for group support, motivation and recipes
  • Access to How to Flexible diet/ Macro E-book
  • How to track your macronutrients through flexible dieting
  • The importance of nutrition combined with training 
  • Specific programming, training and accessory exercises based on your goals, activity levels, and individual ability
  • Mobility and stretching guidance to bring up any weak points, muscle imbalances, posture and flexibility
  • Proper form and technique analysis for all exercises you perform
  • Cardio prescriptions (duration, frequency, intensity, heart-rate, etc.)
  • Supplementation recommendations based on individuals goals