Help me! What do I eat??!! 

Starting out counting macros and applying a flexible dieting method to your nutrition protocol can be a very overwhelming concept initially. The essentially restriction free way of "dieting" is certainly a new way to think about structuring your nutrition because you have always been accustomed to "eat this, eat that" to accomplish xyz...

Learning how to track your macros sometimes it feels like a straight shot and other times it feels like a hot mess. What should I eat? When should I eat? What has 12 grams of carbs but 8 grams of fat and 22 grams of protein ? These are all questions that you learn to answer yourself along the way. 

Learning and understanding your diet is a HUGE fundamental to being successful in the long term. It does take some effort but the beauty of tracking your macros is that as long as you are meeting your macronutrient goals you have the freedom to choose the foods you enjoy eating. 

Mmm close...

You may see posts on social media that use tags #flexibledieting #iifym where people show all the treats and goodies they are able to fit into their macros while losing weight. That's great and all - if that's what you enjoy then do you boo. However I personally enjoy eating foods that allow me to feel full and satisfied. Don't get me wrong, I love eating donuts and cookies just as much as any other person but there is no way I want to blow the majority of my calories for the day on something that is going to leave me hungry. I would much rather eat a huge plate of food with lots of volume because a full belly is a happy belly!

At the end of the day I love flexible dieting because MY personal preference always takes priority. Flexible dieting is much bigger than simply allowing more variety into a diet; flexible dieting, REAL flexible dieting is a MINDSET and an ATTITUDE towards food and dieting and I kinda love that!

I personally feel like I'm still learning everyday (which I love) because it's exciting to eat food, different food.