Bouncing Back from Vacation

Last week, I spent six days at an all-inclusive resort in Punta Mita, Mexico. For those that have been to an all-inclusive resort, you know exactly what that means and for those who haven't been yet (you should go)--it is basically an all you can eat and all you can drink paradise.

I knew going into my vacation that I did not want to track. I was going to fully “take a break” from tracking and weighing my food and enjoy myself. Now the important thing to highlight is that even though I knew I would not be tracking, I was not going to use it as an excuse to binge.

My plan for vacation was to be mindful, eat until I was satisfied, and make an effort to at least hit the gym once. The goal for my nutrition was to focus on getting quality protein sources in at every meal, eat bites of whatever I wanted, and enjoy the bottomless frozen margaritas and mojitos. Which I did! 

I also ended up hitting the hotel gym for two upper body workouts; mostly to get a sweet pump for the pool and wake up after smashing the breakfast buffet.

As you can see breakfast was my favorite meal of the day on vacation.

My vacation was really a much needed “break” from my daily routine and structure. I thoroughly enjoyed the food, the drinks, I was active and spent a ton of time walking up and down the beach, ziplining, and ATVing--all the good things.

Coming home, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had only gained .2 of a pounds while away! That is a sweet victory!

After being home for a day or so, I realized the challenge was not my vacation, but the coming back from it. After a week of not tracking and enjoying adult beverages, the struggle of getting back into a routine and making smart choices this week has been surprisingly difficult. I have been fighting off cravings hard and kind of felt a little anxious to get back into the gym because I knew how sore I would be after lifting.  

I had to do a little pep talk with myself to come back to reality and realize that I have goals that I want to get back on track with and sometimes that means you have to force it to get those habits back.

Knowing myself and what it takes for me to be adherent and stick to my macros, I know that I need to focus on starting out my day with a high protein, lower fat and low carb breakfast. Making the smart choice to start my day out this way tends to roll over to making other smart choices throughout the day. The consistent momentum from tracking and weighing can be very powerful.

The moral here is that in order to bounce back from vacation or being off track you have to consciously make a decision to not give into temptation, to go to the gym, to track food. It takes effort, it’s not easy-- but with a little time, you can pick right back up where you left off.