Tomorrow kicks off one of the first holiday season get togethers with family and friends – Thanksgiving! It’s a special time to be around people you care for to celebrate togetherness surrounded by delicious food, strong drinks and epic stories.

If you are one who tracks your macros and are currently working with a coach, there is no doubt that you have had the question pop up of how to track your macros on <insert specific day> during the holiday season.

Depending who you are and where you are at within your fitness journey – dieting, reversing, offseason or even starting a prep the answer is going to be different for everyone so having a game plan definitely helps.

There are 365 days in a year and typically throughout that time there are a handful of occasions that only happen once. Being born in December, my celebratory occasions tend to be consecutive but hey - the more the merrier I guess. Knowing this, I do typically like to have a general game plan of how to approach these occasions.

My favorite approach to special days and the holiday season is to practice mindful eating and have an untracked meal or even day. I personally practice intermittent fasting and on specials days like to save most of my calories for a specific meal. IF has been something that I have incorporated the last couple years of tracking my macros and really enjoy it on a day to day basis.

That all being said, I wanted to share some good strategies on how I approach Thanksgiving and my food choices:

1.    Drink lots of fluid and stay hydrated, focus on water and carbonated low calorie/ zero calorie beverages

(IMO Martinelli’s is a poor choice of calories spent).

2.    Scope the scene and scan what options are available. What are the choices for protein, carbs and fats and how much of each do you want.

3.    Start with protein and focus on lean meats like turkey, ham etc.… (Hitting protein should not be a problem because turkey is probably the most popular Thanksgiving food and it’s an excellent source of protein).

4.    Next focus on veggies (does stuffing count?)

5.    Finally look at your carb sources available– potatoes, bread rolls, cranberry sauce etc.… (Don’t forget about pecan and pumpkin pie)

6.    Once you have your plate all loaded up with goodness take your time eating, chew your food and be conscious during the meal (dessert will still be there in 5 mins).

To sum it up : stay hydrated, focus majority of your meal on protein, veggies and leave some room to indulge in some damn pie and whipped cream for dessert.  

Nutrition is so much more than just dieting. Tracking your macros and living a flexible lifestyle is wonderful in helping find us balance between "goals" and "treat yo'self”. Learning how to be flexible by incorporating untracked and mindful eating days during the holidays makes this a lifestyle. I am a firm believer in the saying memories over macros (within moderation) so enjoy the day with friends and family! Don’t stress about weighing and measuring your food. The holiday season is such a special time to celebrate being together and to be grateful for what we have.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!