Well, its been 3 weeks since my last blog post: It’s Time to Get My Sh*t Together and 3 weeks of me actively working on getting my sh*t together and I am happy to report that its slowly but surely been working.

I had shared in that blog post and on social media that I had gained weight over Christmas break during my holiday travels to Europe. To be completely honest, I haven’t been actively posting much on social media because its hard to feel inspirational and motivating when you don’t feel as good as you know you could. That is just my nice way of saying “Yeah, I feel chunky".

Working with clients and talking with various people about weight gain and fat loss especially over the holidays got me thinking that instead of waiting 10-15 weeks from now to share my amazing ‘transformation’ and progress that I should share the process of me doing it.

Let me emphasize that again, it is and has been a PROCESS!

A couple weeks before leaving for Germany I unfortunately injured my shoulder and had been modifying a lot of my pressing movements and back squats because of the pain. I had decided that going into my trip that would give my shoulder some time off and take the couple weeks away from lifting and working out.
In hindsight I wish I had tried to do something like taken my resistance bands or done some bodyweight exercises but, c'est la vie - what can you do?

I knew that getting back in the gym and moving weight again needed to be a progressive thing. There was no way I was going to be able to jump back into the loads and volume I had been doing. The first thing I needed to do was increase my daily activity and start getting my 10,000 daily step goals in. The next step was adding in some resistance training. I started out doing mini super-setted bodyweight/ banded circuits with exercises like banded clams, push ups, inverted rows, squats, reverse lunges and “easy” dumbbell/ plated movements like goblet squats, plate bent over row, weighted lunges etc..

Dumbell Goblet Squats

Dumbell Goblet Squats

Working on those 10k step goals

Working on those 10k step goals

Jump forward a week of getting my daily step goals in and a couple easy gentle strength workouts in I was feeling ready to get back to more structured programming. Let’s just say that even though I eased into it, going from not lifting to lifting was humbling AF. The first day back on a program the barbell felt heavy, so I had to leave my ego at the door and scale each lift to an appropriate RPE.

Another BIG and I would say the hardest part of getting my sh*t together was the food and nutrition. Going from eating all the goodies to tracking my macros again has and is a process.
Some days I’m all about it and some days I’m like...

♪♫♬ hello chocolate, my old friend ♪♫♬

I’ve tracked macros on and off for the majority of the last 6 years and feel pretty confident with my food choices and maintaining my weight but for my current goals - losing some body fat - it is absolutely the most efficient way. Knowing my intake and ensures I am in a caloric deficit and is a HUGE piece of the puzzle because fat loss is the goal. I like tracking macros because it gives me that flexibility to choose what I want to eat daily and make strides towards my goals.

Yummy snack: 8F 19C 19P

Yummy snack: 8F 19C 19P

Brinner for dinner! YUM!

Brinner for dinner! YUM!

If there’s one thing I know about progress is that it requires CONSISTENCY and while I’m only 3 weeks in I’m very slowly starting to see some changes by following a few key things:

  • Tracking macronutrients and caloric intake

  • Keeping my activity up with 10,000 steps a day

  • Resistance training 4x a week

I’ve only had minimal scale changes and while my pictures don’t look too different, I am seeing changes.

Most importantly- I’M FEELING F*CKING GOOOOOOOOD from it all.



Hope this is helpful for you reading this if you are in fat loss phase. Keep it sustainable and remember it takes time. If you have comment or questions on nutrition/ training please leave feedback or reach out to me directly and I will be happy to answer.