You want to make some serious health and lifestyle changes but not sure where to start? No problem! If you are looking to transform your body, mind and overall health, nutrition and training are going to be the difference between transforming your body and simply just losing weight. 

     Losing body fat, building muscle and making lifestyle changes does take time but with the right programming and training protocols you will be well on your way! Our goal is to teach, mentor and make your time with us a huge learning experience. Your training program will be as detailed as your nutrition program and cater to your mobility, goals, activity levels and individual ability. 

     By choosing to utilize iEvolve Fitness for your training and nutrition needs you will gain understanding how to listen to your body, perform and excel in areas you never thought possible. All while achieving an emotional balance that you will be able to maintain for a lifetime. 

  Program Lengths: iEvolve Fitness offers Nutrition & Training programs for 4 weeks, 12 weeks, 24 weeks and 36 weeks.



  • How to track your macronutrients through flexible dieting
  • The importance of nutrition combined with training 
  • Workouts, training and mobility exercises based on your goals, activity levels, and individual ability
  • Proper form and technique analysis for all exercises you perform
  • Cardio prescriptions (duration, frequency, intensity, heart-rate, etc.)
  • Supplementation recommendations based on individuals goals


  • Personalized and customized nutritional intake based on your goals
  • Weekly training log to track your exercises, reps, sets and intensity
  • The convenience of working out on your own schedule
  • Weekly check-in's to review progress, receive feedback, and adjustments
  • Personal communication via weekly video check-in's 
  • Supplementation recommendations based on individuals goals
  • Accountability, unlimited support, and text/email communication with your coach
  • Private and exclusive access to iEvolve Fitness Facebook group 
  • Group support, motivation, recipes, messages and community 
  • Access to How to Flexible diet/ Macro E-book