iEvolve Fitness specializes as a personal on-line coaching service which offers fully focused client programs that teach you how to effectively progress towards your health and fitness goals in an optimal fashion. Whether you are looking to lose body fat, build muscle, prep for a specific competition, have a healthy relationship with food or be a bad ass for life, iEvolve Fitness is devoted to ensuring you accomplish your goals feeling confident and supported. 

     All of our programs at iEvolve Fitness are designed and fine tuned to teach, guide and support you every step of the way. We want to secure long term success and encourage an open and honest line of communication to know how you are feeling, performing and to ensure that you are progressing towards your goals. This is a collaborative process and we want all our clients to be in great physical and mental health.

     You CAN live your life and enjoy it while dieting. You CAN allow your diet to fit into you life. Make your fitness and nutrition sustainable, make it long term, make it part of your life (but not your whole life). Developing a healthy and balanced mindset will be your greatest advantage in achieving long term lifetime success. 


iEvolve Fitness grew from the idea that we all start out simple but as we learn, experience and get exposed to new ideas we develop gradually, changing overtime to form new habits. 

iEvolve Fitness believes that physical health and mental well-being are of paramount importance: how you perceive and think about your fitness journey will ultimately determine your long term success. 

iEvolve fitness Programs

     The iEvolve Fitness Nutrition program teaches you that nutrition is the key variable when it comes to making long term changes, both physically and mentally. 

     We teach you how to eat smart through flexible dieting by incorporating the correct balance of macronutrients and micronutrients your body needs in order for you to accomplish your goals.

     The iEvolve Nutrition & Training program is focused on combining nutrition through principles of flexible dieting and a training program based on your individual goals and abilities.

     The fusion of nutrition and training make this program a fun, rewarding and evolutionary experience that will not only transform your physique but also your mindset and personal growth.                  

     The iEvolve Fitness Competition Prep program is for those who are looking to compete. 

     This program is designed to offer you all of the training, nutrition, cardio protocols and guidance to get you ready and bring your best on competition day.